Who is Creating and Delivering Your Health & Safety Training

Can you make this 4-Hour program fit into 30 minutes?

Sure. You decide what content stays and what's just not that important for your employees. Actually, we'd likely just turn the work down and walk away.

Just Give me the #@$% Wallet Cards!

We do everything with integrity in mind, that includes ensuring a proper and complete knowledge transfer to every student, regardless of their capacity or challenges to learning new stuff.

Okay. You. Ya you! Can you do safety training?

Trying to convince your co-workers or subordinates, to get in line and follow you, grasping this intangible concept called, health and safety training. Not all trainers are created equal...just ask me.

Pricing: Our Instructor, Our Programs, Your Location


4-Hour Training Program = $1100. (10 max)

Includes participant manual, quiz, grading of quiz, large wall-mountable certification and/or hard plastic wall card (where applicable)

8-Hour Training Program = $1600. (10 max)

Includes participant manual, quiz, grading of quiz, large wall-mountable certification and/or hard plastic wall card (where applicable) 

Day 1: Train-the-Trainer - Adult Learning Principles = $395. (extra person $195. each)

Not all trainers are created equal, and not everyone can be a trainer, regardless of their position in the company. Just because they are good at supervising, isn't a free pass for communicating this kind of content. Choose your internal trainer wisely, then lets work on them to improve their skills and abilities.

Day 2: Train-the-Trainer - Course Specific Training = $1200. (extra person $595. each)

Pick a course, almost ANY course that we offer, can be delivered as a Train-the-Trainer excluding Working At Heights: Construction Reg, and Joint Health & Safety Training: Basic Certification Part 1

We Conduct Practical Skill Evaluations on Most Industrial Equipment


Equipment includes Lift Trucks, Electric Pallet Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Elevated Work Platform (scissor or boom), Radial Boom Derrick, Skid Steers, or other large-scale equipment should have it's operator evaluated every 1.5 to 3.0 years.

$295. Minimum Onsite Charge includes up to 3 PSEs.  

Respirator Fit Testing = $95. / Each / Classification

FALSE: If the use of a respirator (example dust mask) is NOT mandatory, it's a voluntary thing, I do not need to fit test employees.

TRUTH: Regardless of the reason, voluntary or not, fit testing is required, along with some education

FALSE: You don't need to fit test a dust mask

TRUTH: All Tight-Fitting Respirators including Dust Masks must be properly tested for fit and function.

FALSE: Fit testing can be done at a later date

TRUTH: All users must be fit tested prior to being assigned and before using a respirator at work. 

FALSE: Once you're fit tested once, you should be good to go

TRUTH: Fit testing must be completed every two years (or sooner in some cases) This includes a dust mas.

FALSE: It's too expensive to get fit testing done; besides, who does that anyway?

TRUTH: We do! And the minimum charge for onsite fit testing is $295. includes up to 3 fit tests, then $95. for remaining fit tests


Your Health / Your Safety / Your Career

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