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Mental Health and Psychological Health & Safety

Mental Health Prevention and Psychological Safety

This is the most comprehensive online course of it's kind. (4-Hours) (Follow link below)

This online Mental Health Prevention and Psychological Safety Training course is designed to teach individuals strategies that are proven to decrease stress, increase resiliency, and prevent mental illness. Psychological safety is linked to physical safety and is a top priority in our world today. Mental health is the leading cause of short and long-term disability, therefore prevention in the workplace is vital. The THINK’n program uses a variety of different teaching methods such as animations, live videos, audio, worksheets, and interactive exercises to ensure all learners can benefit from the course.

The course teaches learners how to:

  • Manage stress, worries, low moods, and/or various emotions, increasing the ability to perform at work, school, home, or generally in life
  • Identify unhelpful thoughts that can make situations more difficult and master changing those thoughts
  • React/respond in appropriate ways to challenging situations and even everyday situations
  • Connect physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, racing heart, sweaty palms, rapid breathing, etc. to various feelings and situations encountered
  • Use relaxation strategies for better health and wellness
  • Use problem-solving strategies to generate positive action to solve problems
  • Understand how exposure techniques work and use them to overcome stress, worry, fear, and other emotions

This online course covers the following topics:

  • Module 1 - You will learn to TUNE-IN through mindfulness and self-reflection.
  • Module 2 - You will learn HOW your body and mind are connected.
  • Module 3 - You will learn how to IDENTIFY your unhelpful thoughts.
  • Module 4 - You will learn how to develop NEW more helpful thoughts.
  • Module 5 - You will learn how to KEEP calm through learning a variety of relaxation and regulation skills and coping strategies.
  • Module 6 - You will learn the power of practice and the importance of repeating the new skills.


Mental Health Prevention and Psychological Safety Video Preview

Sexual Harassment for Employees


Topics Include:

  • What sexual harassment is, where it can happen and who can be involved.
  • The consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • The different types of sexual harassment and how to recognize them.
  • How to take action if you feel you are being harassed.
  • How to help others who are being sexually harassed

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The Respectful Workplace - Ontario Bill 168 & BC Bill 14


Topics Include:

  • What constitutes harassment, bullying, and retaliation
  • The negative impact of non-respectful behaviour
  • The difference between impact and intent
  • How to effectively prevent harassment and bullying
  • How to effectively respond should harassment or bullying occur
  • Manager and supervisor responsibilities 
  • How and why to use the company complaint procedure
  • The importance of respectful behaviour in the workplace community

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Managing Safety Self-Awareness


Topics Include:

  • Understanding Personality Differences
  • Human Error and Workplace Incidents
  • Managing Safety Risk Factors
  • The Six Dimensions of Safety Risk

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Harassment Prevention - Ontario Bill 132 , Ontario Bill 168, and British Columbia Bill 14


Topics Include:

  • What constitutes sexual harassment, other types of harassment and bullying, and retaliation
  • The difference between impact and intent
  • Consenting vs. welcome
  • How to effectively prevent harassment
  • How to effectively respond should harassment occur
  • Manager and supervisor responsibilities and liability
  • How and why to use the company complaint procedure
  • The harassment – violence connection
  • The importance of good citizenship in the workplace community

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Ethics and Code of Conduct for Construction

Topics Include:

  • Key principles of ethics
  • Importance and benefits of ethical conduct
  • Consequences of unethical decisions
  • Practical steps for ethical decision-making
  • Reporting procedures
  • Retaliation
  • Privacy and confidentiality 
  • Records and reporting
  • Proper use of company information and assets
  • Gratuities and gifts
  • Vendor and contractor relationships
  • Safety
  • Diversity, harassment, and discrimination
  • Gossip

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Road Rage


Topics Include:

  • Examples of road rage
  • Road rage statistics
  • Triggers for road rage
  • Traits of road rage drivers
  • Tips to avoid road rage
  • If you encounter a road rage driver

Participants will have an understanding of:

  • Distinguish between aggressive driving and road rage
  • List the triggers for road rage and the traits of road rage drivers
  • Describe what you can do to avoid becoming a victim of road rage
  • State the actions to take if you encounter a road rage driver
  • Describe what you can do to avoid experiencing road rage yourself

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Change Management


Why is knowing how to lead others through change so important? When organizations attempt to change, they need effective leaders who can guide others through the change. Otherwise, organizations often fail to live up to their potential.

There are many reasons why change initiatives fail more often than they succeed. This course will show you how to avoid those mistakes and implement change positively and successfully. After you’ve completed this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the stages in the normal cycle of change
  • Identify typical responses to change and how to handle each type
  • List ways to overcome resistance
  • Describe the process to implement change strategies
  • Recognize the elements of effective change communications

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Conflict Management for Managers


Topics Include:

  • The costs of conflict and the benefits of conflict mediation and resolution.
  • The process of conflict mediation.
  • Core skills needed to be a conflict mediator.

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Discrimination-Free Workplace


Topics Include:

  • Workplace discrimination
  • Discrimination and the law
  • Promoting a discrimination free workplace
  • Guidelines for managers and employers
  • Workplace discrimination charge

Participants should be able to:

  • State what constitutes employment discrimination
  • Identify the federal discrimination laws in place to protect individual worker's rights
  • Recognize the importance of promoting a discrimination free workplace
  • Identify recommended guidelines for employers and managers
  • Recognize the actions taken if a discrimination charge is made

Conflict Management for Employees


Topics Include:

  • What is conflict?
  • The five modes for handling conflict.
  • The best use of each mode.
  • How to use eight skills for stepping up to conflict.
  • How to negotiate successful conflict resolution.

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Culture of Early Reporting


Topics Include:

  • Know how early reporting and proactive prevention efforts deliver value.
  • Recognise the challenges of early reporting and how to overcome them.
  • Recall simple tools and processes that can help encourage early 

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Coaching - Giving & Receiving Feedback


Topics Include:

  • Recognise unproductive ways to react to feedback.
  • Recall how to give and receive feedback in a positive and productive way.
  • Recognise the characteristics of effective feedback.

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