Top 3 Reasons to Trust HASCO with Your TRAINERS

Number 1: Building Confidence and Overcoming Communication Obstacles


We will review the Top 12  most common fear about public speaking, and for some people, it's the last thing they'd want to do.  We help identify key barriers and develop strategies to overcome any situation with confidence.

Number 2: Relevant, Current, and Professionally-Developed Courseware


We are always asking ourselves, “How can we make the training relevant to the participants?” 

We engage participants so that their contributions become the basis for learning, for interpreting legislation & best practices to make the training their own. We find this increases the transfer of knowledge. 

Number 3: FREE Trainer Coaching & Support Contact Calls


We support all successful participants by providing post-session information including changes to applicable legislation, best practices, facts and figures, injury statistics, and more.

Great safety training doesn't happen by accident

“Very informative delivery of the information; I have a whole new outlook on safety in the workplace”

Retail Industry

“The trainer was outstanding. He answered all of our questions. I was unsure as to whether or not I could do the course but with the help and guidance of the trainer, I was able to understand the criteria.”

Construction Industry

“An excellent teacher who is passionate about his job; he brings a lot of life experinces to the table which brings the topic to life.”

Transportation Industry

Train-The-Trainer Participant


“I recently attended the HASCO "Workplace Health and Safety Instructor" training course. I was impressed by the unique presentation style in which the trainer kept the audience engaged and was genuinely passionate about the material being presented." 

Train the trainer training

"HASCO's enthusiastic delivery of the rich course content made for a memorable experience and re-affirmed my commitment to workplace H+S. Their flexibility and ability to deliver on-site made it easy to accommodate my schedule.”

Looking for an ONLINE Trainer-The-Trainer Alternative?

This one-hour online Train-the-Trainer course is designed to teach supervisors and management about responsibilities when conducting orientations, how to create a template or trainer’s guide, and how to effectively prepare for orientation sessions.

Your Health / Your Safety / Your Career

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