Single Sign-On

FREE & Unlimited Technical Support

FREE & Unlimited Technical Support

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to access our software without logging in  as long as they have already logged into your system and had their  identity authenticated. For example, if an employee logs into your  company’s intranet with his/her username and password, your system knows  that user, so our system provides automatic access to his/her online  account. 

FREE & Unlimited Technical Support

FREE & Unlimited Technical Support

FREE & Unlimited Technical Support

Providing professional telephone and email support is not only something  that we do, but it is something that we excel at! We offer unlimited  technical support to all system users to ensure that they get the most  out of our learning management system. Regardless if you are using a  phone, tablet, PC, or Mac computer, we are here to help. 

We Can Host Your SCORM Course

FREE & Unlimited Technical Support

We Can Host Your SCORM Course

Hosted courses are courses that you own and have uploaded to our  learning management system for your company’s internal use. Courses that  you have access to from the central network library are pay-per-use and  do not count as hosted courses. 

API: The Secret Sauce

We cannot begin to count the number of clients who initially told us to buzz off - "we've got an HR system that takes care of safety." Then we said this, "Don't change what you're doing and we will connect to your software platform." That's where the API comes into the picture - it's a digital handshake to ensure that data isn't duplicated. 

After your scheduled nightly payroll system upload has completed, The Safety Cloud will step up next and shake hands with your new payroll data - whether you've added or deleted employee records, in a matter of seconds our records will be a mirror image of yours. If most of the computing takes place throughout the day, simply increase the frequency of sync events to capture critical data that is new.

Application Programming Interface (API): The Secret Sauce!


Allows Us to Connect to Your Current Platform

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of communication  protocols designed to allow systems to interact with, update, and  transfer data between one another. 


We Update Our Data After You Update Your's

It can allow your payroll system to automatically update our data with new users in real time so when someone  creates a new employee profile in your HR system, API sends a message to The Safety Cloud to create an online learning account for that user.  


Add or Remove an Employee and We Will Too!

When an employee is removed from your HR system, his/her online account  is automatically removed. API not only helps to keep our system  up-to-date with yours, but it also enables the transfer of course  completion data to your system for easy review and analysis. 

A Pricing Strategy for Every Sized Company

Our safety  software can be used to fulfill all of your internal training needs regardless if you have one hundred or thousands of employees. 

You are  never locked into any pricing level, allowing you to make adjustments  based on your company's changing needs.

Monthly Access Fees (pdf)


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