Incident Investigation


Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis (2-hr)

 This online Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis course is  designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to respond  effectively to incidents by following a well-defined process for  investigations. While there are several different investigation  techniques that can be used in any given set of circumstances, this  course focuses on the 5-WHY Technique. 


Incident Investigations from Accidents & Near Misses (30-mins)

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe how to prepare for investigating an incident (including accidents and near misses)
  • Identify the steps to take in order to conduct a thorough investigation
  • Recognize the required components of a written investigation report
  • Identify the appropriate actions to take after an investigation is complete


Accident/Incident Investigation (3-hr)

This online Accident/Incident Investigation course is designed to help  individuals who will be investigating workplace accidents/incidents  understand the purpose and process of accident/incident investigation.  After completing this course, an understanding should be gained of how  to recognize and distinguish between immediate (or direct) causes of  accidents/incidents and the underlying (or root) causes, and how to  develop recommendations for corrective actions to prevent them from  recurring. 

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Formal Workplace Inspections


  • What hazards and safety inspections are
  • The frequency with which inspections should occur
  • Steps for pre-planning an inspection
  • Hazards to look for and guidelines to follow during an inspection
  • Helpful strategies for completing an inspection report
  • Corrective actions that can be taken to deal with hazards
  • Techniques for submitting and presenting recommendations following an inspection
  • Follow-up and monitoring activities that must occur after an inspection

Safety Audits for Employees

Safety audits help employers reduce and prevent the unfortunate result of  workplace hazards. Even one hazardous incident has the potential to  negatively impact an organization, including an illness, injury or death  of an employee, as well as damaged property. Conducting audits also  sends a clear message to employees that their safety is a top priority  and encourages collaborative efforts to create and maintain a  hazard-free workplace. 

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