Keeping track of employee training has never been easier!

Training Record Management System

With our robust Training Record Management System, you can upload employee training records, including a copy of each certificate, regardless of the training provider. Once records are uploaded, automatic expiry alerts can be sent to employees, supervisors, and managers to help ensure your employees’ training is always up to date.

Automate as much, or as little as you want with:

  • Certificate Management
  • Expiry Alerts
  • Auto Archiving
  • Training Hours Reports
  • Mass Record Upload/Update Tools

Feature Overview

Mobile Friendly

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Super Fast Uploads

Access employee training record details from any smartphone, iPad, or Internet-ready mobile device.

Super Fast Uploads

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Super Fast Uploads

Instantly upload thousands of training records directly into the training management software using Excel, making the setup process easy. Uploading into a training record management system should be this easy!

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Reduce admin costs by allowing employees to upload records directly to their account for review & approval.

Auto-Assign Training

Training Matrix Integration

Interactive Instructor Dashboard

Configure the automatic assignment of online courses when training records expire with the training matrix.

Scheduled Excel Reports

Training Matrix Integration

Training Matrix Integration

Schedule automated emails containing reports on upcoming training expiration for users and topics.

Training Matrix Integration

Training Matrix Integration

Training Matrix Integration

Instantly update training gap reporting by allowing uploaded training records to satisfy training requirements. Not all learning management systems allow you to grant limited access to the training management software for subcontractors to upload images of wallet cards, or certificates directly into a secure training record management system.

Training Record Management System (TRMS)


Record Database

Tired of trying to track down training records? Frustrated by having records and certificates stored in multiple places? We can help.

Our online training management software not only tracks and manages training records and certificates for courses completed through our LMS (Learning Management System) but it can also store, track, and report on training completed in the classroom, in the field, or on another system!

Using a convenient Excel upload feature, within minutes you can create hundreds of user accounts and upload thousands of training records. Once uploaded, you can sort the records in the training record management system by first name, last name, course title, training provider, completion date, or expiry date. You can even upload copies of training certificates for each training record.


Training Matrix

A standard feature of our training management software, the training matrix feature allows you to quickly and easily customize training for each role and location in your company. All you have to do is enter a list of unique company roles (e.g. Driver) and a list of required training topics (e.g. WHMIS and TDG). Our learning management system will use this information to automatically generate a training matrix for your company.  To assign training to roles, simply click on the boxes where the role and required training intersect. It’s that easy!

Want to set training requirements not only by role but by location as well? No problem. Our system allows you to drill down into your company to customize training requirements by location in addition to role. So even if, for instance, drivers in one location need long haul training but drivers in other locations don’t, our system can handle it.

Want to stipulate which courses you will accept for each training topic? We have you covered! You enter the training topic (e.g. First Aid) then choose which training provider (e.g. ABC Inc.) and format (e.g. classroom) you will accept. Only training that meets these requirements will be accepted.

Our cloud-based software will also automate notifications for expiring courses to workers, managers, and system administrators. This way, everyone knows where each department, region, or location stands in terms of compliance for their training requirements.


Gap Analysis Reporting

Once you have assigned required training to all employees, it’s important to follow up to ensure that training is completed. With just one quick click of a button, you can run a training gap analysis report from the training management software to determine which individuals are behind in their training. This Microsoft Excel formatted report provides details of the individuals’ first and last name, their company location, and the training topic(s) that needs to be completed.

Advanced Functionality

E-mail Notification

The training record management system automates email reminders for managers, and/or supervisors of the required training assigned to them and their team.

Customized Requirements

Our training record management system has the flexibility to assign required or recommended training to individuals, roles, or locations. This is more robust than your regular Learning Management System, it's training management software that tracks compliance.

Search Feature

To enable you to quickly navigate through all of your company’s training records, our training record management system has a robust, built-in search engine. 

Excel Compatibility and Data Management

File compatibility can sometimes hold back organizations. To keep you moving forward, The Safety Cloud uses an Excel-compatible data management system, making it one of the fastest ways for your company to go paperless. Simply upload your company’s spreadsheet information, and our system will centrally manage important data for you and output XSL or CSV files upon request. This is simply one of the best training management software platforms available.

Excel spreadsheets allow you to:

  • Create user accounts
  • Update user profiles
  • Store training information, including copies of certificates
  • Download training reports to your desktop
  • Verify employees with payroll comparison
  • Convert data storage files for external and internal use

Seamless & Effortless Transitions

Excel-compatible data management creates seamless communication between our training management software and the spreadsheet files currently used by various departments.


What is Training Management Software?

Training Record Management System Software sits at the core of an e-learning revolution that is sweeping the globe. Annually, billions of dollars are being traded as part of a new information-based society. Increasingly, it falls to the shoulders of systems like Training Management Software to streamline employee learning and provide the advantages necessary for success in our emerging knowledge economy.

Superficially, the learning management system software is a portal for the distribution of learning information, giving employees a digital platform to interact with instructors, learn training material, chart progress and manage work-related information. But the shift to e-learning also represents a shift in how we’re learning. The introduction of tools like video and interactive tests are pushing the boundaries of how employees and employers interact, creating value through dialogue and incorporating employees into company decision-making in a way inconceivable before the Internet.

At the heart of Training Management Software and the digital learning revolution lies the principle of scientific management—a theory of workplace management that seeks to improve organizational efficiency through the analysis of workflow[1]. By recording performance metrics and analyzing the flow of work between all an organization’s stakeholders—employees, customers, management, suppliers, b2b partners, etc.—employers are able locate sources of inefficiency and use information management to yield greater profits.

When it comes to workplace learning, a Training Management System establishes instructional design, a system that goes beyond the one-way distribution of information to control the instructional experience through an online medium. This new, interactive medium increases the appeal of the learning process for employees[2]. This interactive element has the added byproduct of increasing learning retention and, consequently, return on investment for training.

These learning principles, developed in the pre-digital age, are more relevant than ever as managers adapt traditional training programs for digital distribution. Analogue databases are being converted for computer analysis, meaning trends can be analyzed in seconds. Because of the efficiency created in business analysis by these digital frameworks, such systems have become indispensable for organizations seeing to acquire and maintain a competitive edge.

Training Management Software functions on the system of “design with intent,” a system of learning that recognizes there is more to learning than just the transmission of information[3]. Successful training programs embrace a deeper, conceptual understanding of learning principles, allowing employees to integrate and use acquired information, not just regurgitate facts[3]. By using a learning design process to structure employee interaction during class sessions, employers can match content with their learning experience to maximize information retention. 

Training Management Software makes this process easy, giving employees access to video for the explanation of manual tasks and text-based learning for supplemental knowledge or intangible learning concepts. This system, coupled with the resources and consistent information delivery of training software creates an active learning experience that combines principles from experiential and discovery-based learning with traditional instruction.

Combined these principles create a system of training delivery that matches course content with a variety of visual learning mediums (video, games, audio, etc.), which, when paired with regular feedback and learning evaluation tools, creates an adaptable system of learning. While traditional training programs are static and require time and effort to revise, new training software adapts to learning needs as it is used.

By embracing these new technologies and learning methods, any organization can use a Training Management System to create an employee training program that is not only more effective, but delivers content with more consistency and opportunity for dialogue, while reducing overall program cost.


1 – Beissinger, Mark R. (1988), Scientific Management, Socialist Discipline, and Soviet Power, London, UK: I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd, ISBN 978-1-85043-108-4.

2 – Schoenholtz Judith (2013), E-Study Guide for Handbook of Online Learning, Google eBooks. (

3 – Smith, Richard; Lynch, David (2007), Learning management Transitioning Teachers for National and International change, School of Education, chapter 2.

What is Training Management Software and how does it represent a change from traditional training programs?

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