The Heart of the Training Records Management System (TRMS)


The  Training Matrix forms the heart of the Training Record Management  System. Using this straightforward functionality, you can automate  training renewal notifications, create training topics specific to  company roles, and generate an easy-to-read grid that maps out all  company-wide employee training requirements. And all of this is possible without opening a single training file.

Large  organizations often find that the management & tracking of their  employee’s training challenging as they require huge investments of time  and energy. Often this is because paper-based filing systems introduce  human error and require manual verification. To overcome these  challenges, the solution is to automate the entire process. But that  leaves many organizations asking, “Where do we start?”

The answer  is simple. To begin automation, create your company-specific training  matrix by creating employee roles & training topics, then assigning  role-specific learning requirements, such as assigning First Aid as a  requirement for supervisor roles. You can even control training  requirements that are based on employee location to account for regional  safety regulation differences. Once set up, the system automatically  delivers specified training requirements to employees based on their  role and location.

The  system also tracks employee files and automatically updates training  requirements as training is completed. Managers can then see whose  training is up to date and who needs additional training. As training is  completed, certificate expiry dates and renewal notifications are  automated to remind employees and their managers of any training that is  either about to expire in 90 days or has already expired. The tracking  is so detailed that, with just one click, you can download a gap  analysis that identifies all potential compliance issues and missing  training in an easy-to-follow Excel report.

Whether for compliance-related, technical, leadership-based, or safety training, the TRMS combined with the integrated training matrix creates a company-wide road map for all professional development needs.

Add or Change Training Requirements with a Click


Our advanced Training Matrix feature allows you to quickly and easily  customize training for each role and location in your company. All you  have to do is enter a list of unique company roles (e.g. Driver) and a  list of required training topics (e.g. WHMIS 2015 and TDG). Our system  will use this information to automatically generate a training matrix  for your company. To assign training to roles, simply click on the boxes  where the role and required training intersect. It’s that easy!

Want  to set training requirements not only by role but by location as well?  No problem. Our system allows you to drill down into your company to  customize training requirements by location in addition to role. So even  if, for instance, drivers in one location need long-haul training but  drivers in other locations don’t, our system can handle it.

Want  to stipulate which courses you will accept for each training topic? We  have you covered! You enter the training topic (e.g. First Aid) then  choose which training provider (e.g. ABC Inc.) and format (e.g.  classroom) you will accept. Only training that meets these requirements  will be accepted.

The Safety Cloud software will also automate  notifications for expiring courses to workers, managers, and system  administrators. This way, everyone knows where each department, region,  or location stands in terms of compliance for their training  requirements.

Training Gap Analysis Reporting


 When the Training Record Management System and Training Matrix combine,  the system’s powerful algorithms can identify all required training  programs for any individual and compare it against his/her completed  online and classroom training. This creates a detailed gap analysis  report so that you can quickly identify what regions, departments,  divisions, work sites, or even individual employees are behind on their  training requirements and what specific courses are missing. 

Once you have assigned required training to all employees, it’s important  to follow up to ensure that training is completed. With just one quick  click of a button, you can run a training gap analysis report to  determine which individuals are behind in their training. This Microsoft  Excel formatted report provides details of the individuals’ first and  last name, their company location, and the training topic(s) that needs  to be completed.

Training Matrix & Record Management System Video


Automate Management of Company-Wide Training

Using  the Training Matrix, you can upload your organization’s unique company  roles and training topics, set training requirements and the courses  that satisfy them, and quickly assign training to thousands of  employees. Many system matrices take extensive time and effort to set up, but this is not an issue, in fact call us for FREE tech support!

Automate Management of Company-Wide Training

Match Titles to Training Requirements


Enter your company's roles and training topics, by department, location, city, province or any other way you can slice and dice it!

Select a Bundle of Training Courses


Specify which of our 650 online courses that satisfy the training requirements. You can add training from any provider.

Assign Training as Required or Optional


Set training as required or optional bvased on an employee's company role, location, existing training certifications, or past experience.


Automated Notification System

There  are multiple layers of automated notifications integrated in the  Training Matrix, including email notifications for expiring tickets.  

These notifications automatically go to all employees who have tickets  that will expire in 90 days or have already expired. Notifications also  go to each manager or supervisor to let them know what employees have  expiring tickets.

Best of all, assigning any new online training  requirements will instantly notify each user assigned that course that  it is available. Login instructions will be provided right in the  notification email.

Download Training Matrix Info Sheet

Auto-Assign Training

The Training Matrix not only allows training to be set as optional or  required based on an employee’s role and location, but also makes it  possible to automatically assign training at given intervals or on  expiration. 

Gap Analysis

Using  parameters set by the Training Matrix, a detailed gap analysis report  is generated showing which regions, work sites, departments, and even  individuals are behind in their training.

Classroom Link

Allow your employees to click training topics and be automatically  redirected to a calendar showing available classroom training sessions  that meet the training topic requirements. 

Customize Options

Copy and paste company-specific roles and nomenclature, and upload hundreds of roles and training topics to your training matrix. 

Easy-to-Follow Design

Virtually map and quickly identify training requirements across the entire organization using the easy-to-follow grid.

Global Access

Access your training matrix with almost any device from anywhere in the world using the latest cloud-based technology.

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