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All-Access & Unlimited!

Pre-Paid Access Codes!

Tired of paying for course that are never used? Access and pay for only the courses you need, when you need them.

When buying less than 50 access codes at a time, head directly  to our Online Storefront  to purchase direct. Call us if you need help!


Pre-Paid Access Codes!

All-Access & Unlimited!

Pre-Paid Access Codes!

Make a bulk purchase for any course, and make one easy credit card payment. You can now pre-pay for seats without worrying about them EVER expiring before they're used. 

When buying more than 50 access codes at a time, please call 1-855-HASCO-ca


All-Access & Unlimited!

All-Access & Unlimited!

All-Access & Unlimited!

Interested in one low monthly price per person for online training? Take advantage of our all-access pricing, which provides your employees with UNLIMITED access to over 750 courses.

When you have a quarterly budget set and would like one monthly fee that does not change unless you say so.

Is All-Access Pricing the Right Option for you?

All-access pricing provides employees with unlimited access to the entire safety training course library and all system features (some exceptions may apply). This allows you to approve one budget for all online training regardless of the amount needed. 

All-access pricing requires a minimum one-year contract pre-paid in quarterly installments.

The More You Buy The More You Save!

Each training ticket or course code that you purchase, could add up to savings. Make a bulk purchase of online training, and save. When you see a price posted on a training program, that is for people purchasing one seat, training ticket, or course code. 

Call 1-855-HASCO-ca to make a BULK Online Training Order

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A Pricing Strategy for Every Sized Company!

If you buy one course code or training ticket, or you buy 10,000 everyone gets great features with every purchase. 

Below are a few pricing models the first is unlimited use of the entire online library - unlimited use; the second is a bundle for professional transport companies. 

Keep checking for more course bundles and pricing reductions.

You can now create your own custom course bundle - just go to the library, and select list view - the rest is pretty much self-explainitory.

Unlimited Access and Use of 750 Online OHS Titles Pricing Table (pdf)


Premium Canadian Transportation Online Training Bundle Pricing 2019 (pdf)


Industrial Online Training Program Bundle

Industrial Training Program List

With all-access pricing, you can download any course an unlimited number of times, or take the entire bundle of 160 course titles.

160 Online Course Bundle

Get all these with UNLIMITED access to Online Industrial Training Program Bundle.

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