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Form Management

Automated Notifications

Multimedia Input


Create unlimited pre-shift inspection forms, audits, hours of service  logs, maintenance reports, and repair forms for personnel to complete in  the field using smartphone or tablet technology. 

Multimedia Input

Automated Notifications

Multimedia Input


Allow personnel to import videos and images into submitted forms, and  communicate form completion expectations and requirements to your  personnel via video. 

Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications


Set automated notifications to trigger when personnel identify defects,  maintenance concerns, or potential safety issues. Additionally, created  automated alerts that will notify management if notifications go  unaddressed for a specified time period. 

Frequency Settings

Maintenance Tickets

Automated Notifications


Customize when and how often forms assigned to each piece of equipment  must be completed, and automatically email reminders to specified  personnel to ensure procedures are followed and inspections aren’t  forgotten. 

Maintenance Tickets

Maintenance Tickets

Maintenance Tickets


Specify fields in your equipment’s assigned forms to trigger maintenance  tickets, then have qualified personnel track and manage the maintenance  status in real time. 

Form Reporting

Maintenance Tickets

Maintenance Tickets


Have on-demand access to reporting for completed forms as well as access  to all outstanding forms to help make monitoring and managing equipment  easy. 

Advanced Analytics

Make job planning easy using your tracked information to harness data  that shows what equipment is causing problems, what machinery is most  frequently used, and where specific pieces of equipment are frequently  requested. Track the progress of any identified aesthetic, mechanical,  or safety issues from one shared document. 

Tracking Inspections & Damaged Equipment Made Easy!


Qualified Personnel Tracking

 Designate qualified personnel for each piece of equipment. Assign all or  select qualified personnel to complete required forms for their  assigned equipment. Automate the system to notify personnel at set times  and frequencies to complete their pre-shift inspection forms and other  daily or weekly required forms. 


Kilometer Tracking

Track how far each piece of equipment has travelled by entering and  viewing the equipment’s mileage in either miles or kilometres. Set  completion schedules for inspection and maintenance forms so that  qualified personnel are notified to complete required forms when kilometer milestones are reached. 


Hours Of Operation

Enter and track the number of hours that each piece of equipment has  been in operation. Then set completion requirements for relevant  inspection and maintenance forms based on preset hour-of-operation  milestones to ensure machinery is meeting manufacturer inspection and  maintenance requirements. 

Digitize the inspection and record keeping of all vehicle documentation and driver licence and driving records. It comes with a built-in driver reward tracking system.

Equipment Management Software

Whether you are managing a shop full of welding equipment or an entire fleet of vehicles, you need processes in place to help keep all of your information and documents organized. Some companies try to manually manage their equipment, implementing paper-based systems with high administrative costs and even higher chances of important documents being defaced, lost, or simply misplaced. However, to practice due diligence, reports need to be readily available, monitored, reliable, and accurate. Meeting these requirements can be a challenge when physical copies of manuals, inspection forms, logbooks, and other important equipment documents and reports are filed or kept in different locations and with different personnel.

With the right software, the challenges of manually tracking essential equipment documents and records can be overcome. Our online equipment management feature simplifies the management process by centralizing all current and historical data into one easy-to-access location for management and operators alike with minimal setup on the administrative end.


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