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Drag-N-Drop to Upload and Re-Format Spreadsheets

Tracking health & safety training and expiring certificates can be a real pain!


Using our convenient and super fast Excel spreadsheet uploader, thousands of records can be safely and securely merged onto The Safety Cloud Learning Management System in minutes.

We know you have a love/hate relationship with your Excel tracking sheets...we can help!


We don't expect you to keystroke every employee record into The Safety Cloud eCompliance Learning Management System. By connecting to your payroll system, we can sync every night before bedtime. By morning we'll be on the same page.

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We know it's a big step to commit to going paperless and digital when managing your eCompliance, and that's why we are here to assist at every step in the migration onto The Safety Cloud learning management system.

Establish Your Audit Standards & Schedules

Complete Customization


From  the design of the form, to the fields within it, everything your learning management system audit needs can be customized to fit your needs. Organize your audit by  department, location within the work site, or safety topic using  categories that you create. Build your audit criteria in a simple  checklist, or designate a Likert scale to each item so that the form can  calculate eCompliance. You can even include drag-and-drop zones for  images, videos, and other documents, making your audits more dynamic and  detailed than paper records.

In the end, how your form behaves within The Safety Cloud is  completely up to you. A simple checklist of items to audit can  transform into a data goldmine in just a few steps. You can program  fields so that, if an undesired score is obtained, a field appears for  the auditor to provided recommended corrective actions. You can even  program entire sections to appear or disappear depending on how previous  categories or fields were answered.

Advanced Notifications


One  of the key requirements to a successful learning management system audit is the ability to  communicate valuable information quickly and efficiently to appropriate  leadership levels. With advanced notification technology, you can streamline your eCompliance audit review processes by designating certain fields to  trigger automatic notifications to supervisors if checked. Taking things  a step further, escalating notifications allow you to notify higher  leadership levels if action is not taken by supervisors within a  designated time period.

Additionally, you can set the frequency at which audits need to be performed, triggering an automatic notification  to auditors when it’s time for the next audit. You can even set certain  fields to notify supervisors or upper management if certain fields are  checked off or filled in a certain way. All of these notification  abilities within The Safety Cloud will set you on the path to success.

Automatic Assignments


To  help you get your audit forms to the right auditors, our eCompliance learning management system lets you automate the process in a few easy steps. All you need to do is  designate your users with auditing responsibilities as evaluators, then  set your form to assign to those evaluators. You can also assign forms  automatically by location or user role. 

From there, you can sit back and  let The Safety Cloud hand out the audit forms at the right day and time, just  as you’ve scheduled it. This works for internal auditors as well as  external, third-party auditors.

Instant Reporting


The second an audit form is complete, The Safety Cloud keeps a record of that form and centralizes all the data on it, making eCompliance it instantly available to you through reporting. By running summary reports of your forms, you can gain valuable insight into your safety practices and the overall effectiveness of your learning management system.

Additionally, you can take advantage of trending data and gap analysis  capabilities to track how your HSE systems are improving or degrading,  then take appropriate measures as required. And because everything is  digital and stored on our cloud-based software, you can access the  information from anywhere at any time using your smartphone or tablet. 

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