Secure Online Document Storage, Access, & Sign Off

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Similar to folders on a desktop, The Safety Cloud offers the ability to upload multiple documents and files into a cloud-based storage location for your team. 

Once uploaded, this feature offers extensive options for providing employees easy access to company documents, reporting on acceptance and sign-off as well as automated expiry alerts and reassignment. 

Do all of this!

  • Sign off Reports
  • Digital Signatures
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Permission Management

Digital Compliance Wallet for Certifications

Keeping  physical tickets and paper records of training is not only inconvenient  for employers and workers, it’s costly and time consuming.  

SafeTapp removes the bulk from your wallet and transfers everything onto  your phone or tablet with one simple tap!

As you receive more  training and more tickets, use our certificate uploader, all you need to do is fill in some basic information, upload a picture of your ticket,  and then everything is instantly stored on your device.


Secure, Centralized, Cloud Based Storage

The Digital Folder System is a secure, centralized , cloud-based storage area where you can upload PDFs, WORD documents, EXCEL spreadsheets, digital wallet cards, and any other digital form for on-demand access by your employees using any computer or smart mobile device that has Internet access. 


Creating a Digital Audit Trail

This feature offers two valuable benefits to your organization. First is an audit trail that allows you to see which documents were opened by which employees and who agreed to the terms and conditions. Second, it's ability to centrally store digital forms, which can be accessed and completed online using a tablet or smartphone, allowing your employees to complete paperwork on the go.


Storage, Access, and Sign-Off

Upload mulitple documents and files into a cloud folder for easy access by the team. Once uploaded, this feature offers extensive options for providing employees easy access to company documents, reporting on acceptance and sign-off, as well as automated expiry alerts and reassignment.

Compliance Folder System Benefits

Setting Up Access to Digital Documents in 3 Steps!


STEP 1 - Upload Company Documents & Policies

Once you open a specific folder you upload Microsoft Word Document, PDF policies or procedures, Excel Spreadsheets, and even digital interactive forms. Once uploaded, you can setup specific rules, who can access them, who can edit them, is there a digital signature needed, what the wording is on the affirmation statement and more.


STEP 2 - Assign Access Rights and Permissions

Using the advanced permission management system, administrators can map out specific user access to edit the folders as well as employee assignments for sign-off requirements. Using the Assignment Type Selectors, you can choose from assigning a folder by location, system role, company role, or a combination like Company Location and Company Role. You can identify a location and all Crane Operators. This assignment mapping will instantly add the folder to the employee’s home page under their training tab in the ‘Assigned’ section for them to access.


STEP 3 - Employee sign-off on forms

Assigned Folders show up in the Assigned section of the user’s training tab and as they sign off on each form, the Folder will progress to the In Progress section and finally down to the Completed section of the training tab when all forms have been signed off or completed.

This tool provides the ability for the user to click and open the Word, PDF, Excel document, that will activate the ‘Terms & Conditions’ button and allow the user to read the details, check the affirmation statement and digitally sign off on the company policy.

When a document is updated or expires, the folder will automatically move back up to the Assigned section of the training tab, alerting the user of new requirement to sign off. Once signed off again, the folder returns to the complete section of the training tab.

Included in the document management feature is advanced reporting for each document, or summary reports for the entire company and individual detailed reports on what forms they signed off on and what forms our still outstanding.

The best part is the ability to highlight updates to a new document, so if the company makes changes to a document, you can force a user to open it, ask them to read it, highlight the changes for them and then ask for this signature upon completion of the review. This allows the employee to quickly view the specific changes in a workplace health and safety document, for example, and provides them the full document access for review and tracks their agreement.

Download Compliance Folder Info Sheet

Fully Automate Forms Submission and Confirmations


Permission Management

When you create a folder, you choose if it will be accessible to specific locations within your company, to all locations, to select users, or to all users. Once created, you can use the advance permission management system to assign the folder and all its contents to groups based on their role within the system, their company role, or a combination of company role and location. Whoever is assigned the folder will see it on his/her homepage under Assigned.

Streamlined Signoff

When users open a folder, all of its contents are accessible in an easy-to-view list and ready to be read and/or completed. Each file within the folder can be set up with a requirement for employee signoff and agreement. Simply include a message when the document is first opened, a terms and conditions statement that needs to be agreed to, and an agreement or affirmation statement with a checkbox and/or signature requirement. As users sign off on policies or procedures, the folder moves to the In Progress section of their homepage. Once they complete all requirements of the folder, it moves under Completed.

Update Management

As industry changes, so do your policies and procedures. When updates occur, the folder system ensures none are missed. Any time a change is made to a file within a folder, the folder returns to each user’s Assigned section of his/her homepage. Any forms that were updated will have a yellow warning icon beside them. You can highlight all changes within the form or in the terms and conditions section, and the employee must sign off on it again before the folder will move back to complete.

Document History Reports

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? DefinitelyTracking which documents have been reviewed and submitted is easy with this application. Admin users can go into any folder they have access to, select a file, and download a comprehensive history report for that document. This generates an Excel report that details who opened each form and the date on which they signed off. promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

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