FREE & Unlimited Technical Support

Unique Security Key

Validates that access permission has been granted to our system

Employee & Course Identification

Uniquely identifies each employee within the company, and the training that is associated with their job role.

Company Identifier

Confirms which company the user belongs, and at what hierarchy level they get to see within our system - you decide not us.

Application Programming Interface (API) and Single Sign On

Automate Administrative Functions

Save your company time and money by utilizing an Application Programming  Interface (API) coupled with single sign-on (SSO) technology to  seamlessly connect your systems with ours. 

Sync Nightly with Payroll

Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows two-way data transfers and updates to take place between our learning platform and your software applications. 

Connect to your Current Human Resource Platform

Our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature utilizes the existing  login authentication process of one of your trusted third-party systems  to gain instant access to ours. 

Super Secure

Using PEER 1’s Mission Critical Cloud technology, your information is  protected with HTTPS encryption, dedicated firewalls, virus protection,  and more. 

Canadian Hosting Sites

Our entire software and data reside on servers located on Canadian soil  to address Canadian privacy requirements and avoid privacy issues that  may arise from the US Patriot Act. 

Unlimited Technical Support

Our team provides unlimited technical support for all our customers and  system administrators by phone and email. Helping customers use the  system to its full capacity is one of our company’s core strengths. 

Excel Compatible Uploader

Using Microsoft Excel formatted templates, you can easily create  thousands of user accounts, upload thousands of classroom and online  training records, and download training reports within minutes. 

Canadian & USA Currency

With a fully integrated eCommerce store and shopping cart system, our  software allows your company to sell products and services to your  customers in multiple currencies. The system currently supports CAD and  USD currencies. 

Encryption Key Technology

Our system offers a number of encryption tools that lock documents,  digital forms, and personal information so that no one can access or  view it unless they have senior administration rights and the company’s  secure 4-6 digit encryption key. 

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