COR™ = Certification Of Record

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COR™ continues to gain importance and prominence in Canada. While COR™ is currently voluntar more municipalities award certain contracts to COR™ companies exclusively.

Gain a competitive edge with public and private contracts because of the health and safety excellence that COR™ demonstrates.

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Our health and safety management software helps companies track training and verify required competencies, providing confirmation that all required training topics are covered. 

Because the system includes the COR™ requirements, managers can easily pull and analyze information as needed or for scheduled audits. 

We Already Have the Templates for COR™ Elements

1) Health & Safety Policy


A company’s policy statement is a set of principles and general rules that serves as a guide for company actions related to health and safety. It includes management's committment to it's responsibilities

2) Hazard Assessment


Identify then assess the likelihood, severity, and probability, of the hazard taking place. Once assessed, impliment hazard control(s), then go back and evaluate the effectiveness of those controls. Adjust as needed. 

3) Safe Work Practices


Review all current operations to identify all work practices, then evaluate them as great, good, not good enough, and fix them. Always apply a new tracking number to all documentation for better control.

4) Safe Job Procedures


The small steps in your work practices, or processes, are referred to as procedures. Include workers input, evaluate before final implementation, and make available to all workers.

5) Company Rules


Must be documented with applicable progressive disciplinary steps for infractions. Must have consistancy across enforcement efforts and all company communication. Supervisors must follow steps to take.

6) Personal Protective Equipment


Fit and function are the two most important  aspects of PPE. Employers must document the selection, care, use, and maintenance of the PPE, for each application. Worker training on these elements is required.

7) Preventative Maintenance


Follow all prescribed manufacturers maintenance, and safe operation guidelines. Document inventory change-over, change out schedules, for tools, equipment, vehicles and facilities.

8) Training & Communication


Record all training content and expiry dates, set alarms to notify in advance of expiring. Create a training matrix where you assign training to the job function or title. Get sign off on tool box talks for date, time, topic, attendance, facilitator, absentees.

9) Workplace Inspections


We should never really stop looking for hazards as we go about our work, however we need to formalize, schedule, and document findings. Corrective actions must have a fail safe method of not getting dropped. Assign and hold accountable.

10) Investigations & Reporting


Near misses should be reported along with incidents, regardless of the fact that no immediate injury transpired. Determine and track when, what, how, and who gets investigated when an incident takes place.

11) Emergency Preparedness


Anticipate natural and man-made emergency situations such as power outages, fire, and extreme weather systems. Ensure adequate training, equipment, and personel to manage hazards.

12) Statistics & Records


The ability to identify injury and illness trending is key to a proactive approach. Document storage and retrieval is a must - consider data from near misses, incidents, training sessions, claims, and annual comparisons.

13) Legislation


Begin with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario, and applicable Regulations, codes, and some standards. Follow and report on all required iniatives.

14) Occupational Health


Exposure to airborne contaminants from the process and materials that we use, and the environment where the work takes place, are all important factors. Consider exposure levels to designated and controlled substances.

15) First Aid


Ensure adequately stocked first aid stations, and train enough qualified personnel. Track expirying certificates, and re-certify in time. Inspect contents of first aid kits to ensure they are fully stocked. Restrict access so you don't get caught off guard without supplies.

16) Health & Safety Representative / Joint Health & Safety Committees


Companies with 6 to 19 employees require a Health & Safety Representative choosen by their co-workers. With 20 employees or more, repeat the above, and the managers can select their own representative for Certification Training.

17) Workplace Violence


Clearly defined policies and procedures in the event of workplace violence. Communicating roles and responsibilities for reporting and investigating. Employees need to know what to do, who to go to, and understanding the definition of violence.

18) Return to Work

Document roles and responsibilities, processes and procsdures to follow. Conduct a Ph

Define roles and responsibilities, processes and procedures to follow. Conduct a Physical Demand Analysis of each job to determine requirements. This helps to place a returning worker with restrictions. Review programs annually.

19) Management Review


All levels of management must be integrated into the health and safety management system. A full review of system elements on an annual basis to ensure compliance with plan, identify areas of concern, and room for improvements. 

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